[Tool] Increase Traffic To Your Blog With Automated Evergreen Content Promotion

Sounds fancy? Well, it’s not magic.

Let’s start with the biggest challenges bloggers and content marketers face in 2019: - The average reach of social media posts declined dramatically - The economics of spending money on ads to promote the blog often don’t work out - An ever growing number of social media channels (Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn (personal, company pages, groups), Facebook (pages, groups, profiles, stories), Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram (feed, stories), Mix, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. - Increased effort to create individual creatives and post copy for each channel

Promoting Your Blog Post via Social Media is Time-Consuming and (often) ineffective

The preparation and selection of the post-copy, creative asset design, image-size optimisation for the various social networks as well as the coordinated scheduling takes a lot of time.

By some estimates a typical Social Media Marketer and most Bloggers spend 25% of their workday creating and scheduling postings for social media.

A combination of reduced output and increased effort makes promoting blog posts via social media more and more unattractive. But nonetheless, we do it all day ....

Lost Potential: Evergreen Content

Due to all this effort, most bloggers and content marketers do not promote their evergreen content more than once on their social media profiles.

You have to ask yourself: Is it really worth scheduling every evergreen blog post, 20 times over the next year across 5 social profiles? If you would do this by yourself, you would need to create 100 postings for each of your evergreen blog posts.

How you can automate the creation and social media promotion of your blog posts

More traffic, less effort. The tool Missinglettr, free trial, takes away all the work and helps you to schedule a year's worth of engaging content within minutes and drive traffic back to your blog, with zero ad-spend.

How does it work? Once you publish a blog post, Missinglettr analyses the content and automatically formulates a series of social media posts that are pre-filled with quotes, hashtags and images.

You will increase the exposure of your content as well as increase the overall engagement rate on your social profiles. Plus one of the biggest benefits: You will save (a lot of) time.

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