Social Media Analytics

Track the key metrics for your social media campaigns

Stay on top of social media campaign results, track the performance of your posts, brand mentions, and monitor results from social media activities. All from one dashboard.

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Access the social media metrics that matter

Compiling data shouldn’t hinder you from capitalizing on it. Eliminate time-consuming manual processes in favor of automated analytic reporting.

A unified dashboard that does everything you need, and more

Metrics mean everything for determining results. Quickly gather and explore detailed data to measure results, demonstrate impact and influence decision making by tracking the key metrics that your team wants to know about. With our analytic feature, you can take the guesswork out of what’s working and what isn’t.

Cross platform analytics at scale

Instead of having to navigate through different social media platforms to view each individual performance, you can connect all of your social media accounts under one dashboard. Now you have complete control and insights on what’s happening across all of your social media platforms, not just one.

Exactly where you need it and whenever you want it.

Social Platform Integrations
Best Posting Times

Intelligent posting time analytics

With Missinglettr’s analytic feature, you’re able to find out the best time for posting any content. We automatically measure all the engagement that you’re receiving across all of your post to help you determine which posting times will yield the best results.

No longer will you need to scramble around past posts to figure out the best time to post on social media. We got you covered!

Figure out which social media channel works best

How do you know which one of your social media channels is working best for you?

Maybe it’s Linkedin? Maybe it’s Twitter? Or maybe it’s Instagram. Say goodbye to having to figure that out the hard way and enter the easy way of using Missinglettr to determine the channel that provides you with the highest engagement and growth opportunities.

Best Social Channels
Locations and Browsers

Social media location analytics

Missinglettr’s analytic feature is so powerful that we also track the specific engagement from different locations.

Maybe you have customers coming to your website from UK or maybe the majority of your leads are coming from Asia. Traditionally, there isn’t a concrete way to figure this out, but our system will help you get an overview of the most popular location for your campaigns.

In addition to that, we also show you what operating systems the leads are using. With this data in hand, you leverage data to make better marketing decisions and targets.

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