7 day mini course

How to automate and drive insane website traffic through social media

We’ve helped brands, creators and entrepreneurs from all over the world drive an insane amount of website traffic to their business through social media. In this mini course, we’ll show you exactly how you can replicate the same process to put your social media growth on autopilot.

The Social Media Automation Course

Most sites never surpass 100,000 monthly visitors, especially not in their early days, and we believe a big reason behind that is that they don’t have a clear social media strategy for getting there.

Now that we’ve refined our process for helping sites grow from scratch, and proved its effectiveness with our loyal customers, we’re releasing a huge 7-part series walking you step-by-step through how you can do the same by leveraging the power of social media marketing.

This course includes ACTIONABLE social media tips

Unlike other email courses out there, Missinglettr’s course provides you with an actionable tip that you can start using every single day. Build momentum, automation, save time, and most importantly start taking action with a plan from Day 1.

Course timeline and outlook

  • Day 1: Welcome and intro

  • Day 2: Automated drip campaigns

  • Day 3: Curate Social Media Content For Insane Traffic

  • Day 4: Optimize your social media calendar for top productivity

  • Day 5: Using social media analytics to discover the next gold mine posts!

  • Day 6: Using images in social media posts to draw in more engagement

  • Day 7: Final day (bonus tips)

Testimonial by Laura Stanik

“A magical platform that creates and schedules branded social media content while you're busy doing something else.”

Laura Stanik, Brand Strategist

Everything you need to know about social media automation

  • Setting up your social media marketing foundation for long term success

  • All the tools and process you need to automate your social media marketing

  • Plan of action from the very first day

  • Bonus offers and tips

  • Leveraging influencers/popular topics to promote your social media

  • Staying organized and retrieving detailed reporting

  • Monitor KPIs, campaign goals, and targets

  • Many many many more goodies!

Drip Campaigns
Curate Social

Who is this for?

This free email course is perfect for anyone who's new to social media marketing and to setting up a new business/startup.

And if you already have some social media knowledge, you may find value in this course to help you brush up on your skills.

Always be learning something new everyday!

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