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Brand Colours

  • #5182FF
  • #1BBC5F
  • #F16063
  • #FAD649
  • #C477F7
  • #33334F
  • #767EAD

Brand Font

We use the Inter font throughout. This can be downloaded for free from Google Fonts.

About Missinglettr

Missinglettr is a social marketing automation company that helps its customers create strategic, automated social media campaigns that drive traffic and boost engagement.

Founded in 2016 by Benjamin Dell, the initial goal was to help bloggers and content marketers create a years worth of social media content for each blog post they published. Essentially helping them answer that all important question: I’ve published my blog post, now what?

It was clear to me that the reason most of us fail to successfully market our blog posts was not down to a lack of knowledge (anyone can schedule a sequence of tweets in Buffer) but due to a lack of consistency and engaging social content.

Missinglettr has since grown to provide a wide range to tools designed to help creators and content focused teams maximise the impact they can have across their social channels, whilst at the same time driving meaningful engagement and traffic for the original content they create.