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Weekly posts on building great blogs, communicating with your audience and being an all round blogging superstar.

Kara Lambert

Experiential Purchases and Blogging

Have you heard that people these days are more interested in purchasing experiences than things? What in the world does that mean for a blogger? Well…

tristan lee

Finding your inner blogger/storyteller

Stories are the foundation of life. No matter as a hobby or as a way of life, the art of story telling exists in all of us. Writing down your thought…

Kat Mueller

How Blogging Saved My Life

This is an article that will show a slightly different view of blogging. From the outside, it is all very glamorous, if a bit work intensive. I think…

Sarah Wendell

Make New Friends, And Keep the Old

I’m Sarah Wendell, and I’m co-founder and current mastermind of the blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. If you're not familiar with our community, S…

Jessica Nunemaker

Blog Better? Sleep More

Tell a child to head to bed and there will be angry tears and stomping. Tell an adult to get some sleep and there will be tears of gratitude and joy …

Paul Towers

How To Manage & Automate Your Blogging Efforts

Content marketing has become a go-to marketing strategy for both B2B and B2C companies over the past decade. In fact, over 93% of B2B organizations n…

Nicolet Groen

Don't be a Copy Cat (How to handle content by others)

Last month I discovered things I created were published without my permission. Unfortunately, it was not the first time. In the past, entire photo se…

Wendy Fisher

Senior Bloggers ROCK!

You Retire. You are bored. What can a retiree do? Start blogging! WHY? Seniors have a lifetime of knowledge to share… why not write online to …

BJ Knapp

How to Host a Successful Facebook Chat

Here on the Missinglettr blog, I think we talk an awful lot about blogging. But what about some other free ways to engage with your audience? Let’s…

David Baer

Seven Reasons Why I've Kept On Blogging (And Why You Should Too)

I haven't stopped blogging since 2004! My first post, a rant about the influence of wine importer Frank Schoonmaker on the American wine consumer, ap…

craig daniels

Create New Ideas From Outside Yourself

We've all spent more time than we care to remember visiting those desolate islands deep within our mind, the places where ideas cease to bloom where …

Sharon Hurley Hall

How to Run Your Blogging Business From a Small Island

Just how easy is it to run a blogging business as a location independent professional? It’s something I’ve been doing for a while now, after relocati…

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