Case Study: SaasBuddy Reaches an Exponential Audience with Missinglettr

SaasBuddy is a SaaS-focused blog and review site that reviews all kinds of SaaS and blogs about SaaS in general. SaasBuddy works with all kinds of entrepreneurs as well as users looking for the best SaaS out there.

As they aspire to be the best SaaS review site on the internet, SaasBuddy uses Missinglettr to extend the reach of their content, connect with new readers, and grow their audience.

How SaasBuddy Uses Missinglettr


SaasBuddy mainly uses Missinglettr internally to automate their social post publication to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media as well as reshare their blog content to Medium.

While the Drip Campaign feature has helped SaasBuddy save a lot of time promoting their content, it’s Curate that they’ve had enormous success with. Across the 25 posts SaasBuddy has submitted to the Curate library, they’ve gotten 415 shares and over 800 clicks, with an additional 715 posts queued for sharing in the future.

Through Curate, users can submit their articles to the content library and tag them by category. Once added, other users can browse by topic and easily add content to their social media queue. Creators get the benefit of an expanded audience and publishers are able to quickly add content to their queue with minimal effort.

Amp Up Your Client Results with Missinglettr

If it works for growth experts, we’re sure you’ll love it too! After spending so much time developing blog content, take the hassle out of promoting it. Missinglettr makes it easy to quickly amplify the reach of your articles with drip campaigns and curated content. New users can get 50% off the first three months of Missinglettr when you sign-up via SaasBuddy's referral link.

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