Blog Promo on Turbo

Creating consistent blog content is a continuing struggle for many site owners. What a waste it is when those hard won blog posts go un-promoted. You’ve done the hardest part, with just a little more energy and strategy, those blog posts can take on a second life and bring more traffic to your site. Here’s how I promote posts to get maximum exposure:

Pull out 8 Tweet-able phrases.

This is a great litmus test for your content. If you can’t pull out 8 meaningful phrases, you might need to go back and add some more value. Create 8 unique images and schedule these Tweets to go out fairly rapidly over the next few days and then repeat more slowly over the next week. These phrases also make good pull-outs for your Missinglettr campaign.

Hand post the blog post to Facebook.

After that, I use scheduling software to automate dripping the same content I used on Twitter, just sized differently and paced more slowly.

Give Instagram some love.

A lot of purchasing research happens on IG. I’m better at this with my clients than I am myself. (Note to self: take own advice.)

Don’t forget LinkedIn.

LI is super hot, right now. Share your posts on your personal page, but don’t forget to set up your business page, if that’s appropriate for you.

LI, Part 2 - SlideShare

Create a slideshow of your post and upload to SlideShare. Don’t forget to include your target keywords. (This is one we are starting this month.)

Using your most compelling content, create a short video.

I don’t always do this, but when I do, the content gets a little boost. If you have a YouTube channel, you know as well as I do how compelling a good rant is. Do you have an opinion that was “too hot” for the blog post to include? That’s perfect content for YT.

Send it out to your list.

That’s your most captive audience.

Create an infographic of the information in the post.

No, infographics are not dead. The are especially effective in your email campaigns.

Keep the best lines in your post in a tickler file.

These can make good starters for another post or even a slide during your next presentation.

Create a network of “sharing buddies.”

These are people who share the same values you do and are willing to share your content when it comes out. I have some of these buddies on automatic share and some I cherry pick what content of theirs I promote. When we work together, our audiences grow faster.

Be consistent.

The above list is an ideal content promotion plan. Don’t get overwhelmed by ideals and decide to do nothing. A little bit of action performed imperfectly will outperform a perfect plan that never gets off the ground. The world needs what you have to say. You deserve to be heard.

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