Content Marketing With Tools At Your Disposal

Content marketing!

It’s an ever changing process.

There was a time when Facebook was the place to use when marketing your content. All you had to do was put up a post with a link to your content and most of your followers would see it in their feed. If you wanted to reach even more people, you boosted the post and watched as your likes, followers, and traffic increased.

Now organic reach is down and even though you can still boost your post, it does come with limitations. This now means reaching more people today, requires creating and running Facebook ads that target and retarget your type of audience.

Places To Market Your Content

Selecting where to market your content depends on your audience. As being able to promote your content where your audience spends their time, guarantees lots of eyeballs on your post.

Here are some places to market your content, using tools you and your audience already have.


This platform has three different places content can be posted. Each place can have its own link to the content you are promoting, which potentially could reach different people.

1) Facebook Business Page

Yes, organic reach is down. This doesn’t mean this platform has lost its use. Create a series of posts with images and post onto your page at set intervals during your promotional period.

2) Facebook Groups

This is the main way Facebook is still relevant when marketing your content.

Post to groups your audiences are in and you belong to. Try not to post and run, make an effort to interact with others within the group.

The more active you are in groups, the higher the chances of having more eyes on your post. It also makes it easier to build relationships and your reputation within the group.

Another thing to mention is one advantage of posting on your Facebook page before any Facebook group, is that you can share the post with the Facebook groups you belong to, rather than creating brand new posts.

3) Facebook Personal Page

To create business pages and groups, you have to have a personal Facebook page. So why not place your post on there, even if it only gets seen by your family and friends.


Instagram has four places you can use when promoting content.

Three of these places - Instagram feed, Instagram stories and Instagram highlights - you are not able to include a clickable link that sends people directly to the content you are promoting.

So, you can either give people directions on what to do once they get onto your site or use a service like where you can send people to specific parts of your site from your profile link.

1) Instagram Feed

Here you can post, either an image or a video onto your feed for your followers to see, comment and like.

Using hashtags allows the discovery of content by people who don’t currently follow you. Giving you a way to increase your account followers.

2) Instagram Stories

Only available to your followers, you can post images and videos to ‘Your story’ and have it available to view for 24 hours.

3) Instagram Highlights

If you want your story to last for longer than 24 hours you can add it to your highlights reel, which remains visible for as long as you want.

This is a way to keep important content visible at all times as your highlight reel is at the top of your feed.

4) Instagram TV

Also known as IGTV, your Instagram channel is where you can upload long form video to share with your followers, who are also your subscribers.

The main thing to remember about this part of Instagram is you have to load your video vertically.


This platform is becoming more of a research tool used by journalists who use it to find quotes from members of the public to add in articles.

So, by marketing your content on this platform, you could end up being quoted in a mainstream publication.


There are two places you can pin your content on Pinterest.

1) Your Boards

Pin relevant content to each of the boards you own on your Pinterest account.

2) Group Boards

These are boards you join and can pin content relevant to that board.

Each group board has its own rules, outlining the group boards rules.

When pinning to boards, ensure you create eye catching images as Pinterest is a visual search engine where people go to get ideas.

Creating Images For Content Marketing

In using these platforms, creating and using the right sized image is ideal.

As each platform has its own preferences, there is a need to create platform specific images so no information is cut off when displayed.

Here are the ideal media sizes required for the platforms mentioned above:

Horizontal videos with dimensions of 1920pts x 1080pts are supported on all platforms. Instagram TV is the only part of Instagram that requires vertical rather than horizontal videos.

Content Promotion

We know what platforms we can use to promote content; we know the different places we can use within a platform to promote content.

We have created images and selected text snippets to use on each platform. Now it’s time to create some sort of promotional calendar showing when, where and what to posted.

The length of each promotion is dependant on you. You can also opt to have different promotional periods for different platforms.

Here is an example of a two dimensional promotional plan for a blog post, showing which platform to post on each day.

This is a simple plan as you can also create multidimensional plans that includes public holidays, themes, quotes, posting times and so on.

Simple two dimension promo calendar

Whether you use a simple promotion calendar or complex one. The overall aim is to have something planned for everyday of the week, month, quarter and year.

Missinglettr is a great app to use to take some of the pain away from executing your promotional plan as it cleverly extracts snippets and images from your blog post and creates a schedule of when to post onto your Twitter and Facebook pages.


Content marketing involves deciding where to promote your content, which is usually decided based on the target audience you are trying to reach.

The platforms mentioned in this post have multiple ways you can reach your followers and also have options on how you can get your posts seen by those outside your followers.

Spending more time promoting your content than it took to create, is made easier with apps like Missinglettr, Buffer and PromoRepublic. These apps save a lot of time as posts are scheduled to post automatically across different platforms.

No matter the content marketing method you opt to use, just remember:

‘The key to content marketing is planning.’

Plan where you’ll market

Plan what you will market

Plan when you will market

Plan how you will market.

Plan to spend more time on content marketing than content creation.

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