Product story Feb 2020

Last two weeks

Here's what we've done in the past sprint.

Posting issues

On Monday and Friday last week, we experienced brief interruptions in content sending due to released optimisations. Both issues were discovered and resolved within a few hours.


The onboarding wizard, in place for a few months now, aims to help new users connect and configure their first site. If you signed up recently, you likely will have experienced some of its quirks. In the last two weeks we’ve been busy streamlining it - here is what we’ve done:

  • The add button next to the blog post input box was removed - it’s now a regular input box with no additional steps required
  • Links added to the blog post field are now validated - only valid URL’s can be added as a source for a campaign and the onboarding now reflects that.
  • Exiting the onboarding wizard is possible even if the first campaign was not created.

Automatic Calibration

The quality of suggestions imported into campaigns depends on the calibration our scrappers use to detect the container on your site that holds the body of your blog posts. For a while now, acquiring the calibration is an automatic process, powered by our HTML parsing AI.

We’ve reworked how the automatic calibrator works - before the update, it could recalibrate perfectly configured blogs because it thought it found a “better” calibration. In some cases, this would really be a better calibration, but in others it could cause sudden “no content found” messages. In order to avoid these situations, automatic calibration will now only occur if:

  • A blog has no calibration at all (i.e. when a new site is added to Missinglettr)
  • A blog has a calibration, but the last automatically imported campaign was created without content.
  • The RSS feed link associated with the site has changed.
  • HTML markup on the site has changed.

Next two weeks

The topics of our focus in the next sprint will be step2 of the campaign review process and advanced analytics.


Reviewing campaigns is at Missinglettr’s core and the upcoming sprint aims to address a few obvious issues that were brought to our attention:

  • Paused campaigns with sent posts can end up in a state where they have to be regenerated if a new Facebook account is added to a site.
  • The close button in content selection wasn’t closing the popup as expected.
  • Post content and image can overlap on smaller screens.

Advanced Analytics

Being in beta, we want to make sure we frequently revisit this module, as it got quite a bit of feedback since it has launched. One of our (and your) main concerns with analytics is robot traffic and filtering it out.

By the end of this sprint, we aim to:

  • Introduce a new filter to toggle robot traffic on / off.
  • When entering analytics, data covering the last month should be initially visible.


We plan to publish one of these stories every two weeks. If you have questions or feedback, let us know on or via the on-site chat.

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