Follow These 8 Steps To Increase Your Email Open Rates

Are you using Missinglettr to grow your email list? Social media is a great way to attract people to your audience, getting them on to an email list is the next step to enrolling them as clients.

And, the fastest way to increase the effectiveness of any email campaign is to increase your open rates. Since the average email open rate across industries is 20%, there is a lot of room for growth…

So how do you increase your open rates? Here is a quick checklist of 8 tips to use the next time you email your list.

1. Make Your From Line Clear.

People don’t think much about the “from” field, but it’s important for this reason: if your subscribers don’t recognize the name in the from field, they’re likely to trash your email.

2. Don’t pick the first subject line that comes to mind. Do some brainstorming.

Yes, your subject line is that important. So don’t just slap the first subject line you think of onto your email. Brainstorm and then select the best one.

3. Let your subscriber know what is in it for them.

Make sure that your subject line showcases a benefit.

For example: Get your free gardening video inside! Eat brownies and still lose fat? Yes!

4. Arouse curiosity with your subject line..

This isn’t always possible, but it’s a powerful motivator when done right.

For example: The #1 fat loss trick you’ve never heard of… Are you making these copywriting mistakes? I couldn’t believe this conversion trick actually worked…

5. Make it personal

This isn’t always possible or necessary. However, it is useful at times, especially in the first few emails you send out to prospects.

For example: “Jane, here’s your free gardening video…”

6. Give the best you’ve got

Simply put – when you do this, then people will naturally trust you, look forward to your emails, and open them as soon as they arrive. Check these points (and make sure you say “yes” to each one):

Are you focused on solving your prospects’ problems?

Do you ONLY recommend products that you’d happily recommend to your mother or your best friend?

Do you provide some of your best content to your subscribers?

Are you honest in all of your communications?

Have you positioned yourself as the go-to guy or gal for a specific topic or sub-niche?

7. Let Them Know What is Coming Next

Whenever you send out emails, build anticipation for the next email your readers will receive.

For example: Next time you’ll discover a simple trick for doubling your conversion rate! Tomorrow you’ll get my all-time best strategy for fast weight loss, so keep an eye right here on your inbox! Looking for an easy way to get rid of aphids? You’ll discover a safe and effective way to do it next time, so stay tuned!

8. Build Suspense with a Series

Instead of sending a bunch of standalone emails, send out a series from time to time. This will keep people hooked and reading through the duration of the series, which in turn helps train them to open all your emails.

For example: A three-part series: “An Easy Three-Step System For Getting An Extra 5000 Targeted Visitors!”

A five-part series: “Five Amazing Effective Ways To Save An Extra $1000.”

A 27 part series: 27 Surprising Tips and Tricks For Writing Better Sales Copy

If each email builds on the former email, people will eagerly look forward to each part of the series. And boom, your open rate soars!

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