What is a Drip Campaign and How Can It Help Me?

If you’re just starting to use Missinglettr or are considering implementing it as part of your marketing workflow, you might be asking yourself: what is a drip campaign and how can it help me?

Simply put, a drip campaign is a method of promoting your blogs on social media over a set period of time, typically 12 months. The objective is to promote the content more frequently close to its original publication date, with it gradually trickling down to less frequent over time. The rationale behind this is that as content becomes older, it’s more likely that your audience has had the opportunity to view your blog.

The most common form drip campaigns take is email marketing, but in the case with Missinglettr, it’s pre-designed posts for social media posts.

One of the most frequent issues that bloggers run into is they spend hours of their time working to create a thorough blog article and then forget to take the additional time to sufficiently promote their blog. Drip campaigns alleviate this problem by taking a “one and done” approach. Rather than posting manually, a drip campaign only needs to be built out one time. Once you’ve created the series of posts, they will be distributed in a timely fashion, so you no longer have to worry about forgetting to post or constantly generate new ideas.

Why should I implement a drip campaign approach?

Drip campaigns help you save time and leave the guesswork out of best posting times. In many cases, this can even help you save hundreds of dollars per month.

Additionally, drip campaigns are great for maintaining an active presence on your social media platforms. A stale or non-existent social media presence can leave your audience second-guessing the accuracy of your information or if you’re still an active organization — which are two things you want to avoid at all costs.


Who should use drip campaigns?

Honestly, drip campaigns are an ideal addition for any and all bloggers. However, due to their ease of use, they typically make the most sense for smaller businesses that don’t have the capability or budget to hire a social media manager. That being said, even larger companies should consider utilizing this tactic.

Drip campaigns make it easy to streamline your content promotion strategy. Rather than spending additional energy thinking of ways to promote your content, you can use that valuable time to work on writing additional blogs.

How do I build one?

Missinglettr makes it a breeze to create and schedule drip campaigns. Typically, this is how the process looks like for most of our users:

  1. Connect your blog domain to your Missinglettr account. Doing this will allow for your latest blog to be automatically imported into your dashboard upon publishing.
  2. Review the smart AI-generated posts and make changes to the text and images if desired.
  3. Start your campaign!

You’re able to edit future unpublished posts at any point during the duration of the drip campaign, making it easy to update content if need be.


How should I format my drip campaigns?

At their core, drip campaigns are designed to drive traffic back to your website. A properly formatted drip campaign post should tease the most important parts of your blog without giving away the entire message. If you over-explain, then your reader will have no reason to click on the link to read more. If you under-explain or do a poor job of grabbing their attention, they will be more inclined to continue scrolling past your posts.

Unsure of what to include within your drip campaigns? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Additionally, it’s important to implement some form of brand recognition within your posts. More often than not, this should be your brand colors or logo. Brand recognition is key for any form of promotion because it helps users clearly spot your posts in the feed.

Typically, it’s best to tailor your messaging for the various social media platforms. Here’s a quick rundown of some best practices for three of the most popular platforms…


Facebook still remains a heavyweight player amongst popular social media platforms. While it isn’t the most popular choice amongst younger generations, it is bountiful with lots of different options. Try and keep the tone more conversational and aim for no more than two to three sentences in a paragraph.


What was once known as nothing more than an online resume has quickly become the preferred networking platform for professionals in a wide variety of industries. While LinkedIn has become slightly less “corporate” over the years, it’s still best to keep the messaging slightly more professional and less flashy.


Twitter is the ideal platform for drip campaigns. Since Twitter is one of the last remaining platforms to offer a chronological newsfeed, it’s easy for tweets to get swept away in a saturated timeline. Keep tweets short and to the point.

It’s also worth noting the importance of hashtags across all of these platforms. You should aim to use no more than five hashtags per post, with the sweet spot being around three. It may be tempting to cram in every semi-relevant hashtag you can think of, but this isn’t the best move. Not only will this come across as unprofessional and sloppy, but some platforms could also ding your account for trying to game the system. Only use relevant hashtags that are applicable to what the post is about. Make sure those hashtags are not just some of the most popular ones around either, mix them up a bit with less popular ones. Read this guide to selecting hashtags to learn more.

What are the other benefits of creating drip campaigns?

Aside from saving time and money, two vital components for small businesses, drip campaigns are also incredibly efficient at increasing interactions and clicks on your website. Once you’ve successfully enticed a reader to visit your website, you have the opportunity to drive them to other sections of your site. In return, this should help with your bounce rate. Of course, further engagement on your website should hopefully lead to visitors becoming interested in your product or service, and eventually becoming paying customers.

Furthermore, posting daily or several times per week opens the opportunity for your content to be seen by a wider audience. More website traffic means more people reading your articles, which will give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping more people! This will help propel you in the right direction towards becoming an influencer or thought leader within your industry of choice.

In summary...

Drip campaigns can be an incredibly useful tool for nearly all types of businesses and bloggers. The ease of set-up and lack of manual up-keep make them ideal choices for growing businesses that are looking to drive more traffic to their website. Drip campaigns provide bloggers with the opportunity to effortlessly promote previous articles, giving them more time to focus on creating their next blog.

Curious to see if drip campaigns are the right choice for you? Don’t just take our word for it, try a free 14-day trial today.

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