Senior Bloggers ROCK!

You Retire. You are bored.

What can a retiree do? Start blogging!

WHY? Seniors have a lifetime of knowledge to share… why not write online to help others down the twist and turns of life? Blogging is both fun and rewarding.

I sincerely believe that seniors and blogging go hand in hand for a variety of reasons:

  • You have more time than the rest of the world as we no longer work full-time. You can blog daily or weekly. You can blog every morning with your coffee, or at night when the world is asleep and you are wide awake. You can skip weeks without posting, because you blog when you want to blog. It’s your blog, you own it, you make the rules.

  • You can blog for fun or for profit. Yes, you can earn money online with a blog… and there are so many ways to accomplish that!

A few simple ideas here

Google Adsense ads are simply a piece of code added to your pages. Someone clicks, you earn money.

Amazon ads are simply a piece of code too. You can review products and show links and/or images or simply use ads, like Adsense. With Amazon, you earn money if the visitor buys something from Amazon. Sometimes, they click on a book and buy an expensive item (and you get a higher commission).

As your blog progresses, consider writing your own book. You can even gather up articles from the blog and make them into a book, adding more details, photos, whatever.

Do you feel lost in retirement? Find a new identity for your post-retirement life. I am Wendy from Who will you be online?

Retirement often brings a unfulfilling lifestyle. With a blog, you will be challenged to think again and learn something new. You can learn how to write better to engage your audience. You will learn about the blogging technology. You can go as simple or as far as you care to.

Meet new friends online. If you blog on a topic, interested readers will find your blog. Some will engage with you and become friends. We all need supportive friends in retirement, why not find some who enjoy the same things you do?

Share a lifetime of knowledge stuck inside your head. Help others out there who are seeking what you know. Yes, someone out there is searching for what you know, and for your voice to share it. I know some retirees will assume they know nothing to share.

Here are some ideas to disprove that.

  1. Share tips and techniques about your former occupation (and perhaps sell your services as a consultant in that field too).

  2. Share caregiving roles in the family. Help people who have newly disabled family members to find the help they need. Help them learn how to take care of that family member, and keep themselves sane in the process.

  3. Write about a hobby. Think back to when you first started the hobby, and start writing. Often we assume everyone knows what we know… but that simply isn’t true. Start with the basics and share everything about the hobby.

  4. Share senior lifestyles like frugal living, USA travel, or being a vegetarian and become the senior for others seniors to learn from.

  5. Travel the nation (or even the world) going to conferences while networking and growing your business. Some retirees would never do this, but others would love the opportunity to travel, network, and possibly write it off as a business expense.

  6. One more thing, if you think Gardening (as an example) is your passion but there are already too many gardening sites out there, think again. Think how you search and find site after site only to hit the back button. Someone out there is looking for a Gardening site with your voice. Some sites are too stuffy. Some are from different locations. Some sites do only perennials. You will write about the gardening you really enjoy, maybe a “your state” gardening blog so that anyone visiting knows all plants on the blog can be grown there.

You will write in your unique voice - using your writing style - and you will appeal to people who are your tribe!

Bottom Line: If you’ve read this far, you might enjoy writing. If you do enjoy writing, why not start a blog and share your life with the world?

Life is a privilege and you were one of the lucky ones to make it this far… many of your family and friends didn’t survive this long. Kudos to you!

Now, Spend your time on earth wisely! Go forth and share…

Best Wishes!

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