Best Practices for Promoting Your Blog on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an incredibly effective platform for promoting your blog content, especially if it’s professionally focused. LinkedIn has been around for 18 years as of this month. (Believe it or not, LinkedIn is actually almost a year older than Facebook!) The platform has grown by leaps and bounds in that time, today amassing nearly 800 million members.

One factor that sets LinkedIn apart from other platforms is its professional nature. Your profile is directly connected to your resume, which often leads to more trustworthy content. For business bloggers especially, LinkedIn can be a key source of traffic. As with any platform, there are a few best practices to consider in order to see optimal results.

Use both company and employee pages to promote content.


On LinkedIn, don’t rely on your company page alone to promote blog content. You should also share articles on your personal page and other employee pages. If an individual on your team is considered an expert in the subject of the blog, then it’s a good idea to have them share the link with some thoughtful commentary.

Don’t post the article from every profile all on the same day, spread out the posts in your campaign so if you have an overlapping audience, they aren’t bombarded with repetitive content.

Use hashtags.

Like all your other favorite social media platforms, hashtags are an effective way to target an audience that may not presently follow you. Including 2-3 relevant hashtags at the end of your posts is a great way to help interested users find your content. You should do this for both company and individual posts, as well as use a new mix of hashtags each time. Make sure the hashtags you use aren't always the most popular since your posts can be easily lost in a sea of other posts. Instead, combine them with some of the medium-sized ones.

Encourage engagement.

Ask questions, tease content, and prompt your audience. When a follower comments on your post, it gets reshared to the rest of their network. This is where the power of your second and third-degree connections comes in and you can reach an exponentially larger audience.

Post articles multiple times.

Don’t just share the post once! Highlight different aspects of your article across a few different posts spread across weeks. If your topic will be relevant for a while, you can continue promoting it for months. Try to take a unique approach each time in order to compel new readers.

Post your link as a comment.


When you publish a link in your main post on LinkedIn, the algorithm will lower its distribution. This is because, like Facebook, LinkedIn would prefer you stay on their website, rather than go read articles elsewhere. Instead of posting your link, add it as a comment on your post. You can also use this opportunity to include another CTA, for example, “Read the full article: LINK”.

With this in mind, you don’t need to create an entire post each time you promote your link. If you’re part of an industry forum and someone asks a question related to your article, answer their questions thoroughly. Then, you can link back to your article for further context.

Include compelling imagery.

As with any other social media platform, compelling imagery can be key to getting your follower to stop scrolling and actually read your post. Experiment to find what works best for your brand. Some ideas include:

  • Infographics or data visualizations
  • Engaging industry imagery
  • Professional brand imagery

Re-publish your blog as an article.

After about a month, if your blog is still relevant, have the author publish it on their LinkedIn page as an article. At the top of the article, include, “Originally published on the [company name] blog.” and include the link to the original post. From there, include the entirety of your blog in the article.

If you’d like, you can include additional content, adjust the title slightly, or include new imagery to attract additional attention. When you publish an article on LinkedIn, it continues to appear more prominently on your profile for a period of time.

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