Sharpologist Case Study

Mark of Sharpologist owns and runs a website on classic men’s grooming. Mark regularly publishes blogs designed to teach his readers about shaving and grooming strategies they didn’t learn when they were younger.

Mark’s readers aren’t enormously active on social media — most of his traffic comes from search engines and emails. While it isn’t a significant source of traffic, Mark recognizes the importance of not ignoring social media altogether. To optimize his time and resources, Mark began using Missinglettr.

Streamlining Social Media with Missinglettr

Mark has been using Missinglettr since 2017 to set up 12-month drip campaigns when he publishes his articles. Mark explained, “I'll spend a little time "tweaking" the posts in ML to make them more applicable and less "automated-looking" to the individual social channels (different quotes/images for Twitter vs. Instagram for example). It takes me about 10 minutes to set up a 12-month campaign. If an article is particularly popular and "evergreen" I may re-run the campaign after the first 12 months.”

Advice for Driving Traffic with Missinglettr

Mark has been able to drive incredible results using Missinglettr. He shared a few tips for others looking to do the same. First, Mark recommends users take a few minutes to personalize their campaigns. “Do not just use the default quotes and images without considering the individual social channel it will be posting on: users of different social apps may be looking for different things.”

Next, Mark recommends supplementing platform analytics with Missinglettr’s campaign analytics. “Use the analytics from both the social media channel "natively" (ex. along with the analytics available in Missinglettr to determine the best types of content and posting times for each channel.”

Finally, Mark recommends a little bit of patience as you’re first getting started. “It may take several months for the results to start showing themselves, as your posting calendar fills up. Periodically examine analytics to refine your posting. It took me a year to see solid gains from using Missinglettr, but I now get over 1000 extra visits per month as a result.”

Driving more traffic to your blog with Missinglettr really is that easy! After spending so much time developing your content, take the hassle out of promoting it. Try Missinglettr for free today.

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