Episode 23

From the Master of Letters podcast.

In this episode, we meet David Forman.

David is the founder and CEO at the Clarity Creative - an Orlando based Web Design and Digital Marketing agency.

To drive traffic to their site they focus on SEO in a three pronged attack - technical, on-site and off-site. They also produce a business podcast.

We focus on SEO in a 3 prong attack Technical (schema, meta/title, etc.), Onsite (words, content, keyword research, etc.) and off-site building backlinks (promoting your content). We find our success is doing all 3 together to really build up success. I usually oversee the project and do the keyword research, a few employees who write the content and another who helps make those backlinks happen. Most of our content we write for our clients but we do spend time writing our own blog and of course our own fun small business podcast.

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