Why is Missinglettr crawling my page?

If you're a webmaster looking for more info about the "MissinglettrBot" User-agent, then please read on.

What is Missinglettr?

Missinglettr is a platform that helps you promote the content you publish (whether it's a blog post, video or infographic).

Why is Missinglettr crawling my site?

Part of what Missinglettr offers, is a service where social media content is auto created based on your latest blog post. To achieve this, Missinglettr needs to crawl your chosen blog post in order to extract its content for analysis.

Note that Missinglettr will strictly only crawl a blog post or web page for content submitted to us by our customers. We do not crawl the web at-large like a traditional search engine.

How do I block Missinglettr from crawling my site?

If you want to block Missinglettr's bot from crawling your site, then you can do this by adding the following line to your robots.txt file.

User-agent: MissinglettrBot
Disallow: /some-page/

Note that once blocked, Missinglettr will no longer be able to create social campaigns for your content.

How does the Missinglettr bot identify itself?

Website access by Missinglettr is identified by the "MissinglettrBot" User-agent. The full User-agent value you'll see in your access logs is:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MissinglettrBot/2.0; +http://missinglettr.com/bot/)

Will Missinglettr slow down my website?

Missinglettr only crawls specific web pages on demand, and so the rate at which your site is crawled will be minimal. As such, you shouldn't notice any impact on performance.