Zaradigm Case Study

Case Study: How Zaradigm Saves $450+ Monthly with Social Scheduling

Zaradigm provides leadership and career coaching to professionals in early- and mid-level leadership roles. They also offer leadership communication services and consulting.

Social media is a crucial tool for Zaradigm to build brand awareness, connect with their audience, and nurture prospects.

Company owner, Corinna Hagen shared that she focuses on sharing useful content that aligns with her audience’s interests. Typically, this includes a mix of posts promoting her content as well as content from others (e.g. a Gallup report on a leadership survey).


How Zaradigm Saves Over $450/Month with Missinglettr

Corinna shared that she first started saving time with Missinglettr in August 2019. “In the beginning, I only used it to share my own content by using Missinglettr’s repurposing tool to generate campaigns my Social Media Manager had planned and set up before.”

“I used to pay $450 a month for someone to create content for three social channels. The result was 4-5 posts across all three channels and near-zero traffic. I no longer need another person to create these posts; Missinglettr does it all for me with their campaign tool. It saves me 6-10 hours each month and at least $450. I had a 647% increase in traffic from the time of switching to Missinglettr in August 2019 to February 2021.”

Zaradigm was an early adopter of Curate. “Since we started using Curate, it has acted as a multiplier for our reach. Others share my content, driving additional traffic. Additionally, it’s easy to share useful content from relevant industry sources, making my shared content more diverse and engaging.”

Advice for Driving Traffic with Missinglettr

Corinna has been able to drive huge results for Zaradigm with Missinglettr. For other marketers looking to drive the same traffic, she recommends starting by developing five cornerstone content pieces. From there, develop Drip Campaigns with Missinglettr and submit your posts to Curate. Finally, Corinna recommends logging in once a week to use Curate to mix in content from others and you’ll have a full editorial calendar with minimal effort.

Driving more traffic to your blog with Missinglettr really is that easy! After spending so much time developing your content, take the hassle out of promoting it. Try Missinglettr for free today.

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