Why (and How) to Conduct a Social Media Audit

A social media audit is a strategy for reviewing your social media profile and content to ensure quality. You should consider conducting a social media audit about once every six months to once every year to determine the efficacy of your efforts and make a plan to adjust future content.

If the idea of a social media audit sounds foreign and overly formal, don't fret. We'll dig into the simple steps you can take to conduct an audit quickly.

Why Conduct a Social Media Audit

There are a few reasons you should consider conducting a social media audit. First, an audit is a great way to evaluate what content is performing well and what isn't. You can use an audit to determine what types of content is worth investing more in the future and what content you should avoid wasting your time on.

An audit is also a great way to identify potential user-generated content opportunities. In going through old posts, you may find comments or mentions that you totally missed before and could fit in your promotion plan this time around.

You should also consider conducting an audit anytime you go through a rebrand or brand refresh. It's helpful to understand what kind of messaging and ton you've used in the past, and refine anything that no longer fits with new branding.

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit


To conduct a social media audit, start by opening up all of your social media channels. Review your profile pages first.

  • Do your profiles have consistent imagery?
  • Are any logos up-to-date?
  • Have you filled in all profile details, like your website and contact information?

Next, take a look at analytics.

  • Is the data consistent with what you'd expect to see for a similar timeframe?
  • Where are outliers?
  • Which days of the week or month have the most engagement? The least?

Finally, spend some time reviewing your content.

  • How do your posts look overall?
  • Is your brand image and voice consistent throughout your posts?
  • Which posts get the most engagement? The least?

As you're conducting your audit, take detailed notes, ideally in a Google Document. It's best if you can come back to these later and keep a running list of your insights.

Act on Your Social Media Audit

After documenting your findings, it's time to take action. First, adjust any big errors you found. If there are broken links, incorrect contact information, or other high-priority problems, take care of those first.

Next, explore your learnings and consider how you can update your strategy accordingly. For example, if you found you get the most engagement on Wednesday afternoons, consider publishing more frequently at that time and less frequently during lower engagement days. Similarly, you can experiment with posting in the afternoon on weekdays to see if you can find a trend with your audience.

Finally, consider how you can adjust your content to best align with engagement. If you see polls performing well, post more polls. The same goes for infographics, videos, carousels, and other types of content.

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