Is There A Secret To Increasing Social Engagement?

There are a few simple things that can be done to increase your social engagement. This posts takes you through 4 of them.

Would you like to know the secret to increasing social engagement on content you publish? I know I would.

Is there really a secret or does it all come down to lots of testing, analysing results, using positive results and ditching negative results.

This is definitely part of what needs to be done to increase social engagement. As increasing social engagement is what we are after, the starting point would be defining what that means.

What Is Social Engagement?

Social engagement can be defined as the level of participation that occurs within a group or community.

Using a blog post such as this as an example, social engagement would be reflected in number of comments and discussions, shares and likes this post gets. All these things contribute towards social engagement.

The more discussions, comments, shares and likes that occur around any piece of published content the higher the social engagement score.

If I was to give a weighting to each of these measures, it would be as follows.

Likes - 5%

People liking a post shows you it has been seen and the image/message resonates with them on a superficial level. Yes, you read that correctly. Liking a post is done superficially, as it does not require as much thought as when you comment or start a discussion.

Regardless, this vanity metric does have a purpose. On social platforms, the more likes a post gets, the more you learn about what images, hashtags and keywords work well.

Shares - 25%

This is how a post goes viral.

The more shares a post gets, the higher the chance it goes viral. Even if the post doesn't go viral, it gets seen by people outside of your social follower network. Thereby further increasing its visibility.

Comments - 35%

If your post gets comments, then the level of engagement moves up a notch. This means the image/message resonates on an emotional level and something has to be said to release the emotion being felt.

Words can be used to release emotions, better than words is the use of an emoji. These little images can convey so much, which is handy as there is a limit to the number of characters you can use to comment. You can express joy, anger, sadness, excitement, gratefulness all through emojis.

Discussions - 40%

This is the best form of social engagement you could hope for. I would go as far as saying it is the holy grail of social engagement.

Interaction from and interacting with your audience shows you don’t publish and run. It shows you have a genuine interest in hearing what your audience has to say.

This benefits you as you are also able to ask questions and get a response which leads to you improving your product or service.

Steps To Increase Social Engagement

How do we increase social engagement?

It goes without saying that each business will have a different approach on how to increase and measure social engagement.

Some would measure the level of social engagement from a monetary perspective, where there is an expectation to see revenue come in from increased engagement.

Others with measure social engagement based on number of discussions generated and comments made.

To increase social engagement, the following can be done.

Like Other People’s Posts

Regardless of if there has been any content published recently or not, religiously liking content from followers should be done. This may mean you become selective on who to follow, in that you try and follow mainly those who are in the same niche.

Comment On Other Peoples Posts

By liking posts, there could be an image or message that piques your interest. When this happens, leave a comment. Just make sure the comment is appropriate for the post and nice.


Sharing other people’s content also helps with increasing social engagement as the owners of the content may be curious as to who you are and look at your social profile. While they are on your profile, they may also like a few posts or even leave a comment.

Asking Questions

By asking questions, especially ones that are easy to answer, you can increase your engagement levels exponentially. The questions can take the form of a poll, where people have to choose from a list of options, it could be a simple yes or no question, or you could ask an open ended question where people can leave their thoughts and opinions


After content creation, getting people interested in your content is the next step. One way to do this is by engaging with your audience.

This post has shown 4 ways this can be done, as having high social engagement levels can lead to getting your post trending quickly.

Whether you are a business owner or influencer, having a high social engagement is a commodity you can use to net you an income.

It takes time to build an active audience, once there maintaining the level of engagement becomes the next task to work on.

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