PMC Content Services Case Study

Print/Mail Consultants (PMC) is a one-person company in Texas. The company’s PMC Content Services division creates custom informational content for a select group of SMB’s in the printing/mailing/customer communications industry. The company creates written articles, videos, infographics, and more to help their B2B clients with brand awareness and lead nurturing.

PMC uses social media to drive traffic to the published evergreen content they create. Posting to multiple profiles for several clients in year-long campaigns was taking time away from content creation and new customer development. PMC sought a better solution they could afford.

Driving Success for Clients with Missinglettr

Missinglettr makes it easy to create and maintain many campaigns on varying schedules, for multiple clients. The software accesses the targeted blog articles and creates suggested posts. This single feature sold PMC on Missinglettr from the very beginning. PMC also likes the product’s feature that allows them to define campaigns of different lengths and posting intervals. They use this feature to promote content related to specific events, such as client-attended trade shows.

President Mike Porter shared, “Missinglettr is one of the most important tools in my business. It has allowed me to expand services in many client accounts and is now an integral component of every content plan I develop for my clients.”

PMC typically has about 100 Missinglettr campaigns running simultaneously, with 2,000 – 3,000 posts queued at any one time. This ROI wouldn’t be possible with other content marketing strategies, as it is always a difficult task, returns are often long-term, and aren’t always attributed to the content marketing efforts. The analytics feature of Missinglettr has been particularly useful in conversations with clients as proof that the custom content PMC creates for them generates website traffic.


Amp Up Your Client Results with Missinglettr

Driving more traffic to your blog with Missinglettr really is that easy! After spending so much time developing content for your clients, take the hassle out of promoting it. Instead of juggling analytics across multiple platforms for different accounts, Missinglettr simplifies your reporting and even provides the ability to share access with clients to view their dashboards directly. Try Missinglettr for free today.

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