Nikola Roza Case Study

Nikola Roza is a blogger, freelance writer, and affiliate marketer from Boljevac, Serbia. However, once it’s safe to do so, Nikola plans to begin traveling as a digital nomad. Nikola is one of our affiliate partners, who has joined us today to share his experience partnering with Missinglettr.

SEO for the Poor & Determined

Nikola’s website tagline is “SEO for the Poor and Determined”. He explained, “That tagline reflects the situation I was in when I was starting out. Extremely poor, but determined to succeed and craft a great life with internet marketing no matter what. My target audience is newbie bloggers who have the will to succeed and zero or very low budget. I want to show them it’s possible and share how I did it.”

Partnering with Missinglettr


Nikola shared a few insights from his experience partnering with Missinglettr through our referral program. “The affiliate dashboard is intuitive and accurate. Plus, the affiliate manager and all other Missinglettr folks are pleasant to work with. I appreciate that the help center is exhaustive and leaves no stone unturned. The Missinglettr affiliate program is one of the better partner programs I’ve joined, and I’ve joined dozens, approaching a solid hundred.”

Nikola also highlighted a few tips for others looking to succeed in affiliate marketing. “When promoting something as an affiliate, always pick one trait that product has and their direct competitors lack. It’s the key point of differentiation for that product or service. For example, if you go and visit a certain (hint: mine) Missinglettr and Missinglettr Curate review, you will see that throughout that review I insist that Missinglettr is a way to truly automate social media. Other tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Pilot, etc. help you automate your social postings, but you still have to write those posts. It takes a lot of time to do it properly, or if you hire a VA it takes some money out of your pocket.”

“Missinglettr is the only tool on the market (that I know of) that actually writes your content and creates superb campaigns from scratch. And it’s nothing like those AI writer tools that churn out content which then you have to spend hours upon hours editing. No, Missinglettr campaigns are in 99.9% of cases ready for deployment. There's zero editing needed. The only occasional blip I found is that it sometimes creates a Twitter quote and that quote is longer than 280 characters. So it won’t post on Twitter, but Missinglettr warns you the limit is breached and then you just need to remove a few extra characters. That’s a 2 second correction and very simple and streamlined to do.”

Bottom line: “Find the key differentiation point or the key selling point of anything you’re promoting and press on it hard. That’s how you make affiliate sales.”

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You can learn more about SEO and affiliate marketing on Nikola’s blog. Interested in becoming an affiliate partner like Nikola? Learn more and sign up for our affiliate program.

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