New Leaf Digital Case Study

Meagan Beltekoglu is a Vetted ClickUp Consultant and Certified Director of Operations. At New Leaf Digital, she helps women-owned businesses organize and streamline the back end of their business through strategic planning, process mapping, and project management tool optimization.

Blogging and social media are essential tools for Meagan to drive awareness and engage prospects. In fact, they’re her sole visibility efforts today, making it crucial for her to get the most results possible out of the content she’s putting out there.

As a one-woman team, Meagan needed to find a way to streamline her efforts, while still driving the results she needed. With her focus on strategic planning & process mapping, it only made sense to look for a tool that aligns in the same way. Missinglettr was the answer.

Meagan has only been using Missinglettr for a few months, but adding it to her content marketing toolkit has already proven to be successful as she’s driven dozens of clicks to her campaigns in just a short period of time. Missinglettr has been so successful for New Leaf Digital, it consistently ranks as one of the top three sources driving website traffic each month.


Advice for Driving Traffic with Missinglettr

Meagan has been able to engage her audience through social scheduling with Missinglettr. She shared that each time she publishes a new blog, she starts a Facebook and LinkedIn campaign via Missinglettr to promote it. “It saves me at least 4 hours a week because it takes me forever to schedule posts manually and I love that they are scheduled into the future and I don't have to think about them again.”

Driving more traffic to your blog with Missinglettr really is that easy! After spending so much time developing your content, take the hassle out of promoting it. Try Missinglettr for free today.

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