How To Make Blogging a Helpful Tactic for your Business

Running a business is difficult.

Take a look at just a few of the tasks you got to take care of on a daily basis:

  • You manage inventory.
  • You manage employees and outside staff.
  • Legal requirements of your business

Simply exhausting.

And on top of all those listed above, there are two activities quite critical for the growth of your company are these two:

Advertisement and lead generation.

These tasks are essential to make your business survive and grow, but require a lot of money and if you’re in the pre-revenue or startup phase, it’s even more challenging.

But there’s one tactic that can help you eliminate both advertising and purchasing leads with a relatively low investment from you.

That tool is blogging.

Did you know that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts?

Or that B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not? How do they do it?

For starters, you need a blog with well thought-out content. To learn how to achieve this, let’s break down the elements that your business blog needs:

Creative writing (own or hired) to attract visitors

The most important element of blogging is of course writing and it must be a very creative writing.

Blogging is an excellent bet because you invest in a creative person, which can be yourself, a team member or an outsourced writer to write blog posts the way you need.

This tailored content helps to qualify the visitors you get.

You need to blog about a topic that your audience is interested in and provide insights and actionable content about it.

Then place an opportunity for them to learn more by providing their data, which will help you qualify those leads and give them a way to reach out to you if they want to.

Good design in your messages delights the visitors’ eyes

There’s nothing worse than not being able to do or say something the exact way you want to.

When such a thing happens, messages can be misread and unleash chaos.

For example, a company that’s investing in paid advertisement in platforms such as Google or Facebook is not in full control of how their message is conveyed.

They can decide the image and the copy to use, but must stick to the layout and design that the platform has as a standard.

Therefore, the effectivity of what they want to say may be diminished.

Instead, a business blog in your website comes handy to avoid this.

You are able to talk about what you offer with all freedom but not only freedom to write.

By having a blog, you’re able to talk in the tone that best works for your company and also have freedom of designing the message visually as you want.

Use the information you have about your audience and tailor each offer the way it needs to maximize their potential.

Informative but entertaining content keeps people in the site

  • People want to find content that teaches them something new
  • People don’t like boring posts
  • It is necessary to mix these two characteristics in your blog posts
  • When people finds what they want they’ll keep coming
  • More times coming, more chances of conversion

After checking in a deeper detail each one of these aspects, it’s just undeniable how advantageous is for your business to have a blog. The amount of growth you'll witness will certainly be outstanding.

By following the guidelines listed above the bond that you create with your visitor and/or potential customer goes beyond a mere purchase.

Behold the benefits and don’t hesitate to start your business blog the right way!

You’ll be helping significantly to the development and growth of your company!

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