Have A Blogging Strategy To See The Big Picture

Is your blogging plan to:

  • Put up a site,
  • Publish a few posts and
  • Miraculously earn enough money that would sustain the lifestyle you truly want?

If your answer to the question above is ‘Yes’, then you’ll need a strategy behind the plan for the plan to come to life.

Plan vs Strategy

Is a plan and a strategy the same thing?

No, they are not.

A plan outlines the steps to take, while a strategy gives the steps to use. In other words, plans tell you how something will be done and strategy is more about why something is being done. So the blogging plan mentioned earlier would need to be part of a strategy.

The Blogging Strategy

Coming up with a blogging strategy requires knowing why you want to create a blog and will incorporate all aspects of owning and running a blog.

Know The Purpose Of Your Blog

Here you’ll boil down what your blog is about in as few words as possible. You can liken this to an elevator pitch as it needs to be concise.

Doing this serves multiple purposes as it can be used for advertising copy, giving employees clarity on what direction to take and as already mentioned, it can be used as your elevator pitch.

Who Is The Blog For?

Knowing who you are targeting is important. To help with this, a persona can be created for your ideal visitors.

Knowing Who Else Is In Your Space

This is another way of saying, know your competition. Knowing who these people are really does help when it comes to understanding what your readers want.

Promotional Plan

What outlets, i.e. social platforms, are you going to use to spread the word about your blog and blog posts.

The most obvious method is to use the social platforms your competitors and target audience are on.

Performance Indicators

This one is a tough one because sometimes we follow our gut more than the numbers. Having a set of performance indicators is essential with any plan or strategy as they give a barometer of how well things are going.

Examples of a blogs performance indicators are:

  • Number of unique visitors
  • Number of repeat visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Average time on page

The other thing to do is to set a target number for each of these. That way if any of the indicators starts to fall behind where you want to be, that becomes an area to work on improving.


Knowing the different ways to derive an income from a blog and selecting the ones you want to use.

From Blogging Strategy To The Plan

Once the blogging strategy is in place, plans can be developed.

By knowing the purpose of your blog, your target audience, who your competitors are, how you’ll be promoting, monitising and the metrics you will be working towards, makes coming up with and implementing a plan easier.

You’ll know what type of blog posts to write and where to promote it in order to drive traffic. Those that come to the site will make purchases and your plan becomes a success.


A strategy and a plan are two different things, even though it is often thought of as the same thing.

A strategy looks at the big picture way, while a plan is about implementation. The difference between the 2 is akin to working in and working on your blog.

UPDATE: Our founder, Benjamin Dell was interviewed on the subject of automating your content distribution that you might find helpful.

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