Amplio Coaching Case Study

Amplio Coaching helps individuals reach their personal and professional goals through coaching. Helene is the co-founder and CMO at Amplio Coaching, where she does everything related to website management and marketing.


How Amplio Saves Time with Missinglettr

Since Amplio’s target audience is comprised of a younger generation, social media is a key platform for engaging and converting prospects. “Since our followers are mostly millennials, we can reach via our social media channels (especially LinkedIn). We publish a new blog post at least every month, so we share our own content as well as other articles that we deem relevant for our audience, related to e.g. self-improvement, happiness, and wellbeing.”

Helene implemented Missinglettr at the start of January 2021 and is still loving it. “I create a campaign every time we produce our own content, like a blog post or a video, and it to the Promote tab in Curate. Every few days, I browse Curate and add relevant posts to my posting schedule. Missinglettr saves my team at least five hours each month and between January and March, I saw a 42% increase in new users for us.”

Advice for Driving Traffic with Curate

Helene has been able to see a ton of success promoting her content through Curate. She shared some tips for other marketers looking to do the same. “Browse the categories first to get a good understanding of what kind of content goes under which, and match your content to the appropriate categories/tags. Always check the actual content before sharing it, and adapt the posts to your own style. This is how you'll improve your audience's experience and drive engagement.”

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