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Weekly posts on building great blogs, communicating with your audience and being an all round blogging superstar.

David Baer

Seven Reasons Why I've Kept On Blogging (And Why You Should Too)

I haven't stopped blogging since 2004! My first post, a rant about the influence of wine importer Frank Schoonmaker on the American wine consumer, ...

craig daniels

Create New Ideas From Outside Yourself

We've all spent more time than we care to remember visiting those desolate islands deep within our mind, the places where ideas cease to bloom wher...

Sharon Hurley Hall

How to Run Your Blogging Business From a Small Island

Just how easy is it to run a blogging business as a location independent professional? It’s something I’ve been doing for a while now, after reloca...

Brandon Hopkins

Best Social Media Accounts for Reputation Management (and How ...

Reputation management is all about ensuring the first page has positive content about a client. Whether an individual or a business, there are many...

Linda Reed-Enever

Making maximum mileage out of your blog & guest posts

It’s one thing to create great posts, but how do you ensure they reach your target market and you get maximum mileage out of those carefully crafte...

Carol Hedges

In the Beginning was the Blog

I started my blog on May 5th, 2012. The first post had 12 hits, and one comment. I was thrilled. Now, four and a half years later, the posts regul...

John Walsh

7 Best Practices When Blogging for Your Business

Why is blogging so important to business? A blog is one place where you can market your business and where you can build trust with a consumer. App...

BJ Knapp

Blog Post Promotion in 6 Easy and Free Steps

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just post our blog entries, and our readers would flock to them? Of course that would be awesome, but that’s not ...


5 steps for hacking headlines for traffic, shares and SEO

Whether you’re just starting or at the stage of regularly producing content on your blog, a person who is building to maximise their audience targe...

Sharon Hurley Hall

How to Get More Marketing Juice from Blogging

One of the reasons I love being a professional blogger is because I believe it gives me a built-in advantage when it comes to marketing my writing ...

BJ Knapp

You Blog? Then Why Aren't You Using Missinglettr?

The hardest part of being a blogger is getting people to come to your blog and read what you have to say.

Dawn Gribble

How to Make Amazing Blogs

Do you blog for your business? Perhaps blogging is your business or perhaps you blog for pleasure, there is more to having amazing blogs than ju...

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