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Weekly posts on building great blogs, communicating with your audience and being an all round blogging superstar.

Maigen Thomas

How I Got My First 100 Email Subscribers

Just yesterday, I welcomed my 100th email subscriber to my list – and it feels oh so good! When I started my blog in November 2017, I set a goal fo…

Sarah Skilton

Blogging 101 - How to start growing your website, blog and email…

I have been blogging as a hobby since 2014, so when I started my new business in September 2017 I knew I wanted to have a blog as a way of engaging w…

A.L. Mabry

Who To Ask To The Dance

There are hundreds of different email marketing providers out there. Probably more. Now, before you think “Can’t I just email them from my google/ Ya…

Kent Vorland

Optimising your content strategy for each social network

Social media management has become not only a benefit to businesses everywhere, but a necessity.

Kim Beasley

Is the Recent Facebook Algorithm Update Really the Devil?

The Facebook algorithm update is creating quite a stir among advertisers. Organic reach has been in decline for years, and many fear the new update w…

Rob Parnell

Building an Online Author Fanbase

How to Use and Grow a Mailing List of Buyers for Your Books and Novels. An author's name is often his or her most powerful asset.

Linda Reed-Enever

Growing your blog audience

Blog writing is one of the most accessible tools that a business operator can use to reach an audience and have people engage with their brand.

Ari Zelmanow

Growing an Email List using Consumer Psychology

In today’s marketing environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain a potential subscribers trust and attention and get them to join your…

Kent Vorland

Generating Quality Leads, Even After GDPR

Before I start writing about my experiences with lead capturing and a growing list of potential customers, I think it’s important I tell you how this…

Neha Sharma

8 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

So you like to write, and you have things you want to say. You’ve decided to start a blog. Good for you!! But if you are anything like I used to be j…

Brian Edmondson

Anatomy of a Killer Review Post

Matt was super excited. He was finally cashing in! He’d been working on his blog for about two years, and he had written many reviews and many suppor…

Shaun Nestor

3 Considerations to Kickstart your Blogging Strategy

So your company wants to gain more customers. Not just more customers, but more *qualified* customers. And you’ve decided to use blogging to accompli…

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