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10 years of side projects, dozens of launches

3rd September 2018

Learning to Launch

A talk by Fred Rivett
Co-founder & Tech Lead, The Dot

For about 10 years I've been working on side projects, but for the first 5 years we never shipped them. We'd go through a similar pattern:

New idea!

Expand idea


Expand idea more

Enthusiasm dropping

Give up

As it turns out, the ideas weren't the problem, we were.

To fix this, Mike (co-founder) came up with the novel idea of, instead of trying to ship 1 side project, to try to ship 6 in 6 months.

Fast forward 5 years, we've now shipped over a dozen side projects, had over 100k pageviews, sold one for a small fee, landed multiple jobs as a result of our work and even managed to beat Google in April Fools Day, by accident.

In this talk I'll share what we learnt, and how you can build your launching muscle.

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