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I am an organizational psychologist, executive coach, international speaker and author of the best selling book, “What Keeps Leaders Up at Night”

13th September 2018

How to Overcome Your Distractions and Supercharge Your Productivity

A talk by Nicole Lipkin
CEO, Equilibria Leadership Consulting

According to studies, the average worker gets a solid 3 minutes in of work before they are distracted. Getting back to the task at hand can take over 5 times that amount of time. No wonder most of us have never ending to-do lists and feel chronically overwhelmed. So the bad news is that we have trained our brains to respond to distraction. The good news is that we can just as easily retrain our brains to control distraction and enhance productivity.

Tune in, undistracted, and learn:

  • The science of stress, distraction and productivity
  • How your biology is triggering distraction
  • 8 steps to regain control over your focus and supercharge your productivity
  • How to reclaim self-control in the fight against distraction

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Outstanding! Thanks!

1 year, 9 months ago

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