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I run the largest business podcast production company in the world. We produce shows that get more than 800k downloads a month. I've also been featured in Forbes and other publications.

10th September 2018

How Podcasting Increases Your Customer LTV and Reduces Churn Better Than Anything

A talk by Spencer Shaw
Founder, PodKick

I will be sharing 'How To Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value With a Podcast.' With these strategies we will cover how to create a winning podcast that actually makes an impact, what format to follow to keep your audience listening and the one core metric to optimize for... and no, it's not downloads!

We will also cover what equipment to buy, what tools you need and how you can get started.

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This was a very informative talk. Thank you so much Spencer for sharing your expertise with us! I'm already making changes to my schedule and release calendar.

1 year, 10 months ago

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