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I am a founder of a startup that is bootstrapped and profitable. Canny helps hundreds of teams make sense of their user feedback. My co-founder and I are traveling the world while we build Canny.

3rd September 2018

Build your brand by telling your story

A talk by Sarah Hum
Co-founder, Canny

There's so much great content already out there. How do you build an audience from scratch?

There are experts in everything. How do you convince people you're worth listening to?

Take a look into how Canny's founders, an engineer and a designer, were able to build their brand by storytelling.

Comments (5)

Sorry that I missed this live. Will watch the recorded video before the week is done.

2 years ago

Absolutely loved your presentation, hugely inspiring, has given me lots of ideas to tell my own story.

2 years ago

This really spoke to me because since I'm just getting into fitness and see all these bloggers and want to do what they do but I have to remember that this is my journey and I need to remember to be true to myself. Thanks again

2 years ago

nice story

2 years ago

Lovely story but presentation was a bit rambling! Made it hard to glean useful information.

2 years ago

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