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Brandy Lawson is the founder of FieryFX, a boutique digital agency, and a Chief Online Officer for-hire. In 3 years she turned FieryFX into a 6 figure business. Previously, Brandy worked as the Product Director at Go Daddy.

11th September 2018

5 Marketing Analytics Tools Your Business Needs for Marketing ROI

A talk by Brandy Lawson
Chief Online Officer for Hire, FieryFX

By now you likely react to hearing everyone say you need to measure your return on investment for marketing by rolling your eyes and sighing loudly. Yes, it IS what we all want. But, theory is one thing, and actually getting the numbers in a way you can understand is another entirely. I get it. I've been there & our clients have been there. But there is a way.

This session will walk through the 5 tools your business needs to actually measure ROI. Yes, in a way that a non-data analyst, mere mortal can understand and use the information. No, it does not include some fancy high cost subscription service. These are all free tools you can start using today (or start using them better).

Slides: http://fieryfx.com/uppercase

Comments (3)

Brandy, the link above for hte slides does not work. I assume it's a minor difference, can you repaste it as a clickable link? Thanks so much!

1 year, 10 months ago

Slide link updated! Thanks for letting me know the other one got cut off.

Speaker 1 year, 10 months ago

Thank you! That time it totally worked. Thanks for the talk!

1 year, 10 months ago

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