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I have never considered myself an expert - more of an educator who knows how to go to the source. I have an extensive network of amazing friends, colleagues and clients who have helped me help others.

3rd September 2018

5 Lessons for Successful Online Networking - How to Build Long Term Relationships

A talk by Roberta Hill
Solution Creator, UpHill Group

Audience takeaways:

  • Find out why your quality is more important than your quantity online.
  • Learn why each person's intrinsic worth may be more important than their monetary value to you online.
  • Discover you should be thinking about long term prosperity not short term gain online.
  • Uncover why giving, and then giving again works so well online.
  • Learn why there is more than enough business out there for you online.

Comments (2)

I signed up late so I wasn't available for the live presentation. However, I listened to the recording and found it to be very informative. I think knowing yourself is a big factor in how well you can promote or sell what you are offering. One question, I am getting to know some quality connections in a few facebook groups. I enjoy their content and it has been valuable to me. I will have a new product and I'd like to ramp up promotion in the next 90 days. I've written an extensive blog post to help support the product so should I jump in and share my new product to my new connections or should I take it a bit slow and share my blog post? The blog post will help their audience members who are part of my target audience.

1 year, 10 months ago

Roberta Here. Sorry for the delay in responding... I was under the weather yesterday. Thanks for the feedback and question. And I have a couple for you too!

1. You've enjoyed others content - have you commented or told them. e.g. have you had a personal conversation with them and do they know you as an individual? (This is because you say some are new connections so yes take it slow.)

2. Are you using affiliates to promote your product and if so - do you hope that these contacts would be interested in promoting? (Using affiliates is a whole other strategy but since you want to target your connections audiences this might be a critical way to go. But you will have to get your head around giving at least 50% commissions.)

Without knowing too many details I would suggest you "ask for help" from the FB groups by sharing what you are doing in a bit of detail and then asking then to go to the blog article and give you some feedback. Be humble and sincere.

Hope this is useful,


Speaker 1 year, 10 months ago

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