Public Roadmap

Keep track of what we're working on, as well as what we have planned.


In place editing of campaign content
Multiple Medium accounts support
Day-specific time slots
Multiple pixel support
List of all scheduled posts belonging to a single campaign.
Mobile App
Calendar Improvements
Content Selection - working with images
Sync site calendars with Google Calendar
Bulk actions with campaigns.
Facility to recycle individual posts
Unique content per social profile
Search campaigns
Pause content for a single social profile
Auto add imagery and quote images to your blog posts
Rocketlink integration
Bank of Content


Instagram support
Support for Audio & Video content
Library of authors
Avoid quote bubbles in campaigns
Social platform aware UTM tags
Manual post from link
Prompt users before scheduling content for newly added profile
Resolving emoji's in quote bubble content integration
Rebrandly integration
Pretty links integration
Google My Business integration


Pinterest integration
Social image optimisations
Advanced Analytics
Agency Tools


Ability to enter line breaks when editing social text
Manual post - select all social profiles
Extract content directly from RSS feeds
Increase Twitter character limit to 280
Content Templates
Schedule Templates
Download campaign assets
Automatic UTM tracking
Branding / theme manager
Manual posts via the calendar
Content Selection
Campaign usage counter
Reusing completed campaigns.
Choose schedule template for manually added campaigns
Quote bubbles in manual posts