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Curate creates a community of sharing - so your content gets maximum organic reach, and your social channels are always full of highly curated content.

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Laura Stanik, Brand strategist

Find the best content for your audience

Curating content for your social channels provides extra value for your audience - and more opportunities to grow your brand. But you can waste hours every week scrolling the internet for interesting and relevant things to share. So we've made it easy for you.

Share your own content to the library

Curate lets you add any type of content to the library for other users to share - including blog posts, videos, landing pages, infographics, affiliate pages, and more.

Find, schedule, and share other people's content

Every day, fresh content is being created by other bloggers, businesses, and brands in your niche that you can use to keep your social channels full of relevant posts.

Choose categories that are relevant to your audience

Choose industry categories that are most relevant for your brand. This helps Curate learn which type of social posts to send to your library.

Select hashtags and topics unique to your niche

Get even more granular by choosing topics that dive into your specific area of interest. Doing this also helps us pair your content with the best influencers.

Share posts with your audience in a few clicks

Curate finds relevant posts for you based on your categories, topics, and language. Simply choose your favourite and we'll add them to your content calendar.

Watch your traffic and engagement grow

With greater distribution of your own content, and the addition of curated posts - increase engagement, get new leads, and expand your network with less effort.

Browse the categories we support

Here's what we support so far, along with the potential audience sizes for each.

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"I have a lot of unused content on my blog which I only shared 1x on my social media channels and then forgot about it. With Missinglettr I can revive my content and give it a longer life"

Jennifer Kosche, Blogger

Get real shares
from real humans

It's not enough to create great content. 

Distribution is the key to getting it in front of the right people on social to grow your following and increase brand recognition.

With Curate, you won't get any dodgy bots or fake shares - just real people in your niche sharing your content far and wide across top social media sites.

When you use Curate, you'll get maximum organic reach for the content you worked hard to create - in only a few clicks.

Add your best content to the library for others to share

Curate helps get your content in front of a wider audience - without spending more time and effort.

Add blog posts, landing pages, videos, affiliate pages, and more to your Curate library for others to find and share.

Discover fresh content your audience will love

With Curate, the highest performing social content created by your peers is available for you to select and add to your own content queue.

Choose the categories and topics relevant to your business. Let Curate do the hard work of curating the best posts for your needs. Then schedule up to 30 posts per month to share.

It's that easy!

Track the performance of your campaigns

Curate syncs with your Missinglettr analytics so you can track who's sharing what. Launch your campaign and find out:

How many clicks have come from your own social profiles, How many people have shared your content, How many clicks have been generated from your Curate shares, Which type of content gets the most clicks for your brand

Curate can be used with any Missinglettr subscription - so it's fast and easy to set up.

Discover how easy it is to curate high quality content and promote your brand