Product story end of February 2020

Last two weeks

In the past two weeks, our main focus was on Campaign review and Analytics. Here is what we’ve done:

Campaign review

  • Paused campaigns are no longer blocked by unapproved Facebook posts assigned to sent days.
  • Content selection can be closed using the top right icon.
  • Post content and images no longer overlap on smaller screens.


  • Filter states are now preserved when reloading/leaving the page.
  • By default, the date range is set to one month.

Next two weeks

Resolving issues with Campaign review remains our priority in our next sprint, as well as the robot traffic toggle in Analytics. Apart from that, we are looking to make improvements in the automatic allocation of content when first entering campaigns. Here’s what are aiming to do:

Content quality

  • Using blog post titles less.
  • Begin working on a DRY “Don’t repeat yourself” approach to content allocation.

Campaign review

  • When hovering over the post variation icon, the Customize button isn’t responsive.
  • Applying selected content to a campaign is not functional.
  • Campaigns should not be editable if no social profiles are connected.
  • It should not be possible to add empty quotes to the content or selected content pools.
  • Disabling all social profiles whilst reviewing campaigns should not be possible.
  • It is possible to launch a campaign without any posts.


The robot traffic toggle


If you have questions or feedback, let us know on or via the on-site chat.

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