Making maximum mileage out of your blog & guest posts

Your own blog

Produced weekly, fortnightly or monthly, your own blog is the opportunity to create content to reach out to your direct clientele. It’s the chance to highlight your services, provide pointers and advice or profile the latest events occurring within your business. Importantly it’s the vehicle to address any issues affecting your clientele.

But the catch is your audience has to keep coming back to you to know what you’re saying. The key is to create great content and use it across your media channels, repurposing it or refreshing it at will, and sharing it with the world when you’ve taken the time to whip it up.

Guest posts

Guest posts are an excellent opportunity to establish your credentials to an audience that’s greater than your own. It’s also the chance to feed people back to your services via backlinks or searches.

For your established audience it shows you’re active in your industry and an authority on the issues that matter to them.

But you need to let them know it’s happening, which is why every business should be alerting their list of customers that they’re out and about actively practising and commenting on what you preach.

Where to from here

There are a host of great resources like Missinglettr to help you spread your word and embrace the opportunity to feed your content across channels.

Used effectively, it means maximum bang for your posting buck, with content shared via social media to tap into extra marketing opportunities. You can see just how simple it is via my quick tutorial (below), but in the interim here are further tips for sharing your message.

Quick tips

Your list - Have a contact list that is up to date with people interested in hearing your news.

Your brand – Ensure all messages and tweets you feed out are branded so people know they’re coming from you and who you are.

Use your backlinks – If possible, incorporate backlinks into your guest posts to drive people to your site for further information. You’ll need to be selective about when this is appropriate. For your own site backlink to relevant content or similar articles that may appear on different media.

Keep the guest content clean – Guest posting is the welcome opportunity to establish your **credibility, not flagrantly flout your services, so ensure the content you write is interesting for their audience and not just an advertisement for you.

Fresh content – While guest posts may be similar to content you’re already covered, ensure it’s not the same. Why? Well for a few reasons:

  1. To properly utilise the opportunity.
  2. As respect for your guest posting invitation
  3. So those nifty little search engines will find you in numerous places with different results.

Use your bio – Make sure you include a brief bio at the bottom of your post so people know who you are and what you do.

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