6 Ways to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas Again

As a blogger, you know that content recency is one of Google's 200 ranking factors. So, you religiously publish content on a consistent schedule. At first, everything is well. After all, you know your topic well and you blog with passion. But after a while, that constant stream of blog post ideas starts to slow down to a trickle.

If that's you, don't despair, because in this article we'll cover 6 ways on how you can turn that slow trickle into a floodgate again.

1. Leverage What You Already Have

If you already have a blog, there's probably already some kind of interaction with your audience too. You may get questions via email or as comments on your articles. Aside from just replying to these questions, keep a list of all the questions that your visitors have asked you and see if you can turn them into a blog post. After all, if one person is asking a question, chances are that there are more people with the same problem. If the topic is too small, see if you can add a paragraph to an existing article.

2. Leverage the Power of Social Media

If you're just starting out and your visitors don't come to you with questions (yet), why not turn it around and take the questions to them? Check out Facebook groups for questions already left by your target audience, or start a new topic of your choice yourself. Encourage them to ask questions and express their concerns. This will get you more than enough material for your next posts. It's also a great way to connect with your audience and sparkle conversions too!

3. Get into the Habit of Taking Notes

How many times have you stumbled over an interesting article or forum thread, and bookmarked it for later? Check your bookmarks and turn the most interesting ideas into engaging articles on your site. Make a habit out of taking notes whenever you find something that's worth reading.

4. Use Online Tools to Generate Blog Post Ideas

You're not the only one struggling with writer's block. Most bloggers are facing this problem once in a while. That's why web developers are constantly launching new tools, from title generators to headline analyzers. Use these to maximize your reach with the right topics!

Portent, for example, generates topics and blog post ideas based on your subject of choice. All you need to do is to enter a word or phrase in the designated space. This handy tool will generate dozens of headlines that you could use for your posts.

Another option is Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator. Here you can enter up to three nouns related to your niche. Hit "Give Me Blog Ideas," and you'll get a worth's week of topics. If you sign up, you'll receive a year's worth of ideas for your blog. Sounds cool, isn't it?

Need more options? Try Blog About by Impact! Enter a keyword or keyphrase and then click Next. This tool will generate headlines that you can fill out as you wish.

You can also try SEO Pressor's Blog Title Generator, which provides fresh headlines based on your keyword and type of post. Users can opt for generic posts, brand or product reviews, events, skills, and other criteria. This will ensure that your headlines are relevant and grammatically correct.

5. Get Inspiration From Answer the Public

Answer the Public is an online platform that aggregates results provides by Google and Bing. Marketers need to enter a topic or keyword in the designated box and choose their preferred language. This free tool will generate hundreds of questions that people typed into their favorite search engines.

For instance, if you enter the word "fitness," you'll get hundreds of results, such as:

  • Why Fitness Bands Don't Work
  • Why Fitness Is Important
  • Which Fitness Tracker Is the Best?
  • Are Fitness Bootcamps Worth It?
  • And so on....

Furthermore, you can sort the results by type of question, such as where, why, when, how, which, who, and more.

6. Check Out Q&A Sites

You've probably noticed that sites like Quora, Reddit and the StackOverflow group pop up on Google's first pages whenever you are looking for specific information online. These platforms are a goldmine for bloggers and marketers.

Lot of people use them to find answers to questions related to just about everything, from saving money to paying taxes or losing weight. Since users don’t have to display their real names, they're more likely to ask about sensitive topics.

For example, many women wouldn't ask about menstrual cups or pregnancy problems on Facebook, but they can easily do it on Quora where no one knows their identity. If your blog appeals to future moms, you could cover such topics in your next posts.

Once your article goes live, you can go back to these Q&A sites and drop a link to your blog. It's a great way to get insights into your audience and provide them with the information they need when they need it the most. Not to mention that the Google algorithms will appreciate the extra links to your site.

So, what are you waiting for? Leverage the power of the Internet to create the most amazing blog posts ever! With so many resources available, you’ll always find something to write about.

Be bold and approach controversial topics. Write from your own perspective rather than saying the same things found on other sites and blogs. The only way to succeed in today’s competitive world is to be different.

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