5 Branding Hacks That Can Earn You Loyal Customers

When it comes to attracting loyal customers that will stay with you and not jump to one of your competitors, there are measures you must put in place. Your business may be on the right track with its branding and marketing strategy, but there are some crucial ways you can nurture your relationship with customers to ensure they come back to your business again and again.

For 5 easy branding hacks that will earn you customer loyalty, and fast, keep reading!

1) Give them an incentive

People respond positively to marketing and sales efforts when they are given an incentive. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to provide them with offers, deals and discounts on a regular basis. A customer who spends a lot of money with you will appreciate getting something in return, and by offering them an incentive, you are saying thank you for their loyalty.

You don’t have to go overboard with incentives either. Psychology studies have found that a discount as little as 10% will be enough to win over a customer and ensure a repeat purchase.

If you are a restaurant business, for example, you have a great scope when it comes to deals and discount opportunities. You can offer a ‘buy one, get one free’ deal on pizzas, for example, or you can offer set meals at a lower cost. You can even set up a loyalty scheme where a customer will receive something for free when they visit a certain number of times or spend over a certain amount of money with you.

What’s more, incentives like these will also attract new customers. With minimum investment and loss from your end, you can secure high returns when you utilise this tactic.

2) Tap into their pain points

Another great way to earn loyal customers is to remember the purpose of your business - how can it improve someone’s life, and what pain points can it eliminate?

Say, for example, you are a marketing agency. The purpose of your business is to offer effective marketing solutions to businesses so that they can increase their brand awareness and, in turn, their revenue. Therefore, you should endeavour to return to this message always, as it is why your customers came to you in the first place.

Another example of how a business can eliminate their customers’ pain points is for a cosmetics brand to widen their net when it comes to their products. In the past, they may have only offered hair dye, but since there is a general concern about hair dye being damaging to the hair, they should leverage this concern and introduce a restorative hair treatment alongside the dye.

Depending on your business, you may find your customers’ wants, needs and pain points are constantly changing. Don’t be afraid to change with them; adaptability is key in securing their loyalty and surviving in the market.

3) Give them value for free

The relationship between business and consumer shouldn’t all take, take, take. To secure their loyalty, you should give back to your customer and thank them for their business.

An easy way to do this is to offer them free content that is valuable. For example, if your business sells surfboards, you could create a comprehensive guide on surfboard maintenance, top surfing tips and great surf destinations. You can then email this content to your customers with a free downloadable link. This way you are constantly adding to their lives, and they will be less likely to leave you.

4) Promote testimonials

Receiving good customer reviews and testimonials is crucial in business. Customers are more likely to believe another customers’ experience with a business than take what the business says as gospel.

Testimonials are especially effective for experience-based services where people have made amazing memories. For example, a successful wedding music band may have contributed to the most special day of someone’s life, therefore they should shout loud and proud about their amazing reviews and use testimonials all over their website.

Testimonials are also very effective when it comes to health and beauty, as often it can be hard to prove good results. Encourage your customers to share their feedback, and make sure you highlight the positive ones. What’s more, asking for feedback is an important way to gauge how effective your product is, and offer inspiration for improvements.

5) Personalise their experience

By personalising your customer’s experience with your business, you will increase the likelihood that they will return. You can do this in myriad ways: making your website interactive, giving them discounts on their birthday, using their name in your remarketing campaigns, and suggesting products they may like.

If you make your customer’s buying journey pain-free and personalised, your customer will feel special. The more special they are made to feel, the more likely they will stay loyal to your business.


By giving your customers an incentive, identifying their pain points, offering them value for free, promoting positive testimonials and personalising their experience with your business, you will guarantee they remain loyal to you. Harness these branding hacks today and see real results!

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